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House of the Rising Sun is welcomed!

MeoquaneeHighwind, Jun 2, 10 1:27 AM.
House of the Rising Sun
Greetings all those who come to us from House of the Rising Sun. We are glad to be affiliates. Feel free to join here to get updates on the forums, and par-take in any events we have and for your events as well! The House of the Risings Sun was my first guild on sentinels, and we still RP often. Please, feel free to click around the website as you please. If you wish to join as a Rising Sun Affiliate, we welcome you.

- Co-GM and Tauren Muscle,

New Website

MeoquaneeHighwind, May 11, 10 1:14 AM.

Azerothian Tales
News and other updates.

Welcome to our new webpage for the guild. It's not very fancy or nice looking, but it's where we can come and really get aquainted with each other and our characters. Guild recruitment is on a large scale. I'm spamming the general chats around Azeroth, looking for others to come join us on our tales. For those who have been refered to our page, the link for general information is to the left. It has most of the information, and if you have any questions you can post in our forum "Hang Around".

As for our members, the forum also has a tab for character profiles that I strongly suggest you try and post some information about your characters so we can look over it and understand; seeing as we have nothing going on in RP as of right now.

You may also notice we have a section for photos. You may post art, screenshots, and even a picture of yourself if you wish to share who you are with us. All up to you.

If there is anything else I need to touch on, smack me in the forums.

Co-Master and Tauren Muscle




Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

MeoquaneeHighwind, May 11, 10 12:22 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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